Bicycle tours

Thanks to its ideal location in proximity of Poznań's green lungs, Hotel ForZa is the perfect starting point for trips— both on foot and on the bike. The hotel's environs abound in many different attractions, which can be reached thanks to the recently put up bike lanes and trails running through the surrounding parklands.

You can easily reach the center of Poznań with the bike— through the excellently kept paths, you can access the city's most attractive places straight from the hotel, and the distances won't cause trouble for even the less skilled bicyclists. We invite you to come visit Poznań 🙂

Below we present to you a selection of bicycle excursions we put together. The routes aren't demanding ones, and the places they lead to should tickle our guests' fancy.

Malta trip

Route: Hotel ForZa – Lake Malta – Garbary – Hotel ForZa

Length of the route: circa 17 km, level of difficulty: easy.

We propose to you a bicycle tour with a plesant break to recover and relax at Poznań's Lake Malta. Almost the entire route runs on prepared bicycle paths and is rich in attractions, such as, for example, the 'Maltanka', one of the last narrow-gauge railways in the country. Shopping lovers can find a modern mall near the route, Galeria Malta— sports enthusiasts can make use of the many attractions offered by POSiR Malta Poznań (Sports and Recreation Center Malta Poznań), and nature lovers can relax and enjoy themselves in the 'Park Tysiąclecia' (Millennium Park).

The route also offers something for tourists with a thirst for knowledge: It runs in proximity of the Poznań 'Śródka', the cathedral island, and the Citadel Park.


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Meteorite trip

Route: Hotel ForZa – Warta – Morasko meteorite – Hotel ForZa

Length of the route: circa 19 km, level of difficulty: medium.

North of Hotel ForZa are the Municipal Woods of the city of Poznań, which you can reach in a few minutes with the bicycle. We propose to you a trip full of greenery, one that allows you to relax in the midst of nature and visit a real forester's lodge (a few minutes away on the bicycle), as well as the Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve. We highly recommend a visit to the nearby forester's lodge, where you can find not ony a place to rest, but also free-range animals. But watch out! The goats may be very friendly, but we advise you against feeding them, else they won't be willing to back off anymore 🙂 We also ask you for some caution, for there are a lot of boars running around in the area and, once fed, they might be even worse than the goats 😉 The rest of the road leads you along the Warta river and through Radojewo to the Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve. On the way back you'll drive on Huby Moraskie, a road on which you'll find, among other things, stables, and the campus of natural sciences of the Adam Mickiewicz University. From there, the way runs on comfortable paths straight back to Hotel ForZa.


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Trip to the Sołacki Park

Route: Hotel ForZa – Sołacki Park – Citadel Park – Hotel ForZa

Length of the route: circa 15 km, level of difficulty: easy.

The hotel's environs abound in parklands, and nearby, the Warta river meanders through the city. For those who appreciate calm and relaxing excursions on the bike, we recommend a very pleasant route that runs past two large parks: The Sołacki Park and the Citadel Park. Both of them offer kilometers of high-quality cycleways.


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