Attractions of Poznań


OLD MARKET SQUARE | The city hall is the central point of the Old Market Square. It was build at the turn of the XIII and XIV centuries and is undoubtedly the most stunning building of the Renaissance period in Grand Poland, and one of the most beautiful in Poland. In 1551 the clock with goats was installed at the top of the city hall, and everyday at midday, a little door above the clock opens, and the goats – the symbol of Poznań – show up. The colourful buildings located to the south of the city hall are the houses once used for trade purposes. In the central part of the square you can also find the Museum of the Grand Poland Uprising and the City Arsenal Gallery.


MALTA | Lake Malta is undeniably a jewel on the map of the city. It attracts sportsmen from all around the world, citizens of Poznań, and also tourists who appreciate walks and trainings. The area around the lake is full of attractions: Visitors can make use of the ski slope, an ice rink, Bula Park, the beach, and Aquapark Termy Maltańskie and SPA.


CITADEL | The Poznań Citadel is a wide parkland — the local residents' favourite place to go for a stroll— that offers a lot of possibilities not only for extensive walks, but is also a popular place amongs inline and bike lovers. Amid the things you can find are a sledge track, a few theme gardens, the remains of an open-air-theater, and several dozen sculptures scattered all over the green area. Furthermore, two museums are in the park: The Armaments Museum and the Museum of the Army Poznań. The park is inseparably connected with cemeteries to the south, the biggest military ones in Great Poland.


ZOO | The zoo in Poznań is one of the biggest zoological gardens in Poland, famous for its elephant shelter, the lynx enclosure, and the bear asylum. There are multiple attractions on the zoo grounds: You can visit the fort, go for a ride on the 'Maltanka' —a narrow-gauge railway—, or enjoy yourselves in the mini rope course Zoolandia.


CATHEDRAL ISLAND AND PORTA POSNANIA | The old cathedral island 'Ostrów Tumski' is one of the most charming parts of Poznań. With the cathedral dominating the overall picture, the small church of the Virgin Mary, the cobblestone streets running where once stood protective walls, and the historic accommodations of the canons in the gardens, the cathedral island is an enclave of peace and silence. Porta Posnania is an idea to present the island's cultural legacy in a way that fulfils the expectations of contemporary tourists. It's a place that, with the help of expositions and various programmes, tells of the island's past and contemporary losses, and of the meaning the place has for the identity of the Polish people of today. Opening the island and its surroundings for touristic activities has been one of the first steps on the way to transform this area into a so-called eco-museum.


CASTLE | The castle is the most important building of the old Dzielnica Cesarska (Emperor's District), finished in 1910 for the last German Emperor and King of Prussia, Wilhelm II. Inside the castle is the Culture Center, which includes a cinema, art galleries, and a concert hall; it's a place that presents the most interesting phenomenons of contemporary culture, in which visual art, theater, movie, music, and literature complement and complete one another. The castle is a place of artistic experimentation by creating a suitable workspace for the artists to realize their visions, but also allowing them to meet the spectators.


STARY BROWAR | A trade and art center built on the foundations of the old Hugger brewery, which is an over one-hundred-year-old property. The building skilfully combines elements of a shopping mall (many shops, restaurants, and cafés) with an art gallery, where, apart from shopping, one can take part in numerous exhibitions and cultural events, or simply go to the cinema. In 2005, the International Council of Shopping Centers awarded the Stary Browar the award for the best shopping center in the world in the category of medium-sized trade


BICYCLE PATHS | Thanks to its ideal location in proximity of Poznań's green lungs, Hotel ForZa is the perfect starting point for trips— both on foot and on the bike. The hotel's environs abound in many different attractions, which can be reached thanks to the recently put up bike lanes and trails running through the surrounding parklands. You can easily reach the center of Poznań with the bike; through the excellently kept paths, you can access the city's most attractive places straight from the hotel, and the distances won't cause trouble for even the less skilled bicyclists.